It is the Pearson Edexcel Board that sends question papers, marks, answer scripts and manages the running of the school and the conduct of exams. The advantage is that by using the services of Pearson VUE, you are sure to have an unbiased system in place while conducting exams.

Progression Tests are administered by the school based on question papers that are sent by the Board - the student is also marked by the school. This is done at the end of every year - these tests help the school and the students understand and take stock of the progress and problem areas for further study.

Achievement Tests are offered to students at the end of Grade V and Grade VIII. The papers are set and evaluated by the Board.

Both these tests are not mandatory - the school administers it depending on the readiness of the cohort.

All other assessments are left to the school - here both Formative and Summative Assessments are followed.

The number of Formative Assessments could vary depending upon the level of the students.

There is a minimum of 2 Summative Assessments in an academic year.

Percentages are calculated on a progressive scale and will vary from year to year.

For uniformity and ease of understanding, we endeavour to have 55% as a cut-off mark or a pass percentage.

This is to make sure that every student, irrespective of the standard he or she is studying in, aims for 55% as a pass mark in every subject CAS represents the Continuous Assessment Score. All projects, assignments and other tests conducted right through the semester are brought into this assessment. A student's attitude and responsiveness to the subject is also factored in while presenting this score.

  • D is the minimum that a candidate can get and is between 55% and 59%.

  • C is between 60% and 69%.

  • B is between 70% and 79%.

  • A is between 80% & 89%.

  • A* is between 90% & 100%.

  • U is ungraded - this indicates that the paper is not worthy of being graded.