Academics Plus


NBIS is on a mission to accomplish its vision by leveraging the goodness in all so as to deliver the best of all to the best and all. Alongside its noble mission, NBIS is also proud of all its student and faculty members for their wholesome effort and loyalty for the benefit of not one but all.

This approach of NBIS is so deep rooted and all pervasive in thought and the traditions of the institution, that it continues to shed light and lead it further to seek and accomplish the vision that it holds so dear. Thus, in its prospective journey towards its lofty goals, NBIS is committed to seek, support and sensitise the sound spirit and service conscientiousness of its members to enable them cast their mark and make it last long limited not to their immediate surroundings but as far and wide as they could reach to learn, lead or guide.

Pan World Perspective

Considering the pan world perspective of NBIS and its rich and lofty ideals, NBIS has for itself framed and formulated several avenues within the learning environment of every child, for his/her exploration and reach beyond imagination. The border free community life at NBIS is the first step towards building good will and harmony amongst all for a common, good and wholesome growth. The unique border free, intra school cultural exchange programmes of NBIS, facilitates active participation of all its members to share and commemorate the celebrations, cuisine and culture of theirs with other members and thereby benefit by the rich and resourceful feature of the institution. The borderfree Student and Faculty Exchange Programmes of NBIS provides for an easy and seamless movement of student and faculty members across nations, which shall again contribute towards a wholesome growth and diffusion of expertise across nations.


May it be mowing fields or raking leaves and plucking weeds or planting trees, it is the nobility of purpose that matters. NBIS is proud to subscribe itself to this view and is set to stand steadfast at delivering to the students and society, a wholesome personality that they eventually would master by learning and minister by doing all that is worth pursuing and professing.

The Vision and Mission of the institution is in favour of integrating this philosophy and practice within the regular schedule of activity in the institution.

NBIS has a wide choice of Extra Curricular Activities available at the institution which is well designed and led by relevant experts and associations of good repute and standing. Each of the choicest ECA at NBIS is aimed to promote the pursuit of happiness of every child without compromising on the safety and wellbeing of the pursuant.

Games & Sports

The indoor and outdoor games and sports activities at the NBIS, inclusive of the daily jogging schedule, yoga, meditation practices and the aerobic exercise routines are an attractive bonanza to every student, serving to his/her proper health and perennial happiness. & More... The ubiquitous wi-fi internet connectivity and the security, safety and the surveillance capacities of the institution, under the free, liberal and the optimized control mechanisms offer a boundless option for the student members to make the best of all they should, could and would.


The Personal Accountability and Outreach Programme of NBIS is in place to feed and nurture the independent interests and capacities of the student members and is appropriately led by student members themselves. In this Programme, each student member shall associate with other members or even single handedly strive to contribute something on his/her own, to the welfare and happiness of the local inhabitants via the many projects and programmes they personally devise, with or without the aid and supervision of their faculty members.