Other Amenities

Not just highly qualified, but faculty of commendable quality comprise our teaching and non teaching team.

Athletics,excellent indoor and out door games & sports facilities are worthy of notice.

Professional guidance & counselling services help make students positively futuristic and foresighted.

A variety of clubs & hobby centres provide options for students to confidently identify their area of strength in various added activities and interests engaging, daily schedule & adventurous weekend activities.

Lunch @ school for day scholars, school bus service, exclusive hostels for boys & girls, nourishing food & a healthy routine and RO drinking water are some of those important aspects taken utmost care of by the institution.

Non stop Power Supply, round the clock Medical Care; a very efficient and effective Security & Surveillance system and 24/7 Wi Fi connectivity are some of the basic amenities NBIS provides and maintains for the absolute comfort of every inmate.


To enable students to attend Seminars, Symposiums, Guest Lectures and other important group activities NBIS has a auditorium, equipped generously with all the modern gadgets and high tech systems.

Personal Development :

Soft Skill training of a high quality is rendered by experts to students through activity based classes. Verbal and Non Verbal Communication and their significance; Etiquettes - both face to face and telephonic table manners; manners and mannerisms, body language (posture; gesture, eye contact, facial expression etc,) and other such are the main points of consideration to develop and their personality.