Guidelines for the NBIans

NBIS would be pleased if all the rules and regulations are adhered to. For the benefit of a smooth running of our institution, the cooperation of parents and students becomes highly imperative. Proper coordination among the Parents, Teachers and Students will help render all the essential service from the school's side with much ease and pleasure.

The under mentioned points should be followed to ensure a healthy conduct of the institution:

All requirements mentioned by the school for the student must be checked by parents.

Students must keep parents, teachers and the warden/ matron (if a boarder) clearly informed of all the requirements he/she is in need of.

Students need to report on the date mentioned by the school.

Incase of any delay in reporting, intimation regarding reason for delay or late reporting must be done duly by parents/guardian immediately through phone.

The intimation should reach the office at the earliest so that the class teacher is informed regarding the same.

Perfect discipline at the dining hall, the study rooms or anywhere within the campus and outside is what would make an NBIan a marked citizen.

The school property must be treated the way your home property is maintained.

Depending on the gravity of damage, the respective parents would be intimated.

Belongings must be kept safely by every student and in case of any that is found missing, it must be brought to the immediate notice of the class/subject teacher.

Taking or using anybody else's things without his/her permission or knowledge would be viewed seriously and is liable to punishment.

Use of mobile phones by students is strictly prohibited.

Parents can call the office landline in case of an emergency and speak to the child if need be.

Fees and other payments need to be paid on time.

Fee structure is subject to change in accordance with the directives given by the management.

Scribbling on walls, breakage of any glassware/hostel property/causing damage to furniture such as (cupboards/cots/tables/chairs/desks/sanitary fittings/pigeon holes etc.) a fine would be levied that would include the cost of replacing the damaged item. Repeated, deliberate occurrence would call for strong disapproval and action.

Suspension from school may be the result if a student is caught thieving (if the child is found guilty). Repeated, deliberate indulgence in such an act may even lead to expulsion. (The decision is left to the discretion of the Principal.)

Girls and boys must develop a cordial, healthy relationship between genders. Unnecessary communication or correspondence must be avoided. In case of any sign of disobedience in this regard, the issue would be brought to the notice of the parents as well and the school authority might be forced to deal with matters related to it in a very serious manner. Dismissal could sometimes be a result in such cases.

Smoking, using drugs or any intoxicating product or any such demeaning habits, which is likely to hinder the healthy progress and future of the child would be dealt with in a very serious fashion, with the knowledge of the same being brought to the notice of the parent as well. Since it could influence other students negatively suspension or dismissal could be the end result.

If a student is caught possessing any of these addictive substances he/she would also meet with dire consequences.

Bullying, being rough and aggressive, manhandling or exploiting juniors or any other timid student would lead to severe actions.

Repeated signs of disobedience, failure to abide by the rules and regulations laid by the school authorities or any form of insubordination with the school/dorm staff would lead to dire consequences.


1. Fees must be remitted on the scheduled dates.

2. Only with a written authorization from the parent would a child be permitted to leave the campus (The letter should contain the address, phone no., email id /fax no.)

3. Parents/Guardians are allowed to meet their wards only on the dates already mentioned or stipulated and prior permission from the Principal must be sought to do the same.

4. Only after clearing all the dues would a student be allowed to leave the campus.

5. Being escorted by someone other than the parents/guardian will not be entertained

6. A check on all pending dues must be made and cleared before allowing the student to enter the hostel.

7. Students may receive phone calls on the days and time allotted for doing so. (Details of day and time is mentioned in the prospectus for parent's clarification). However receiving emergency messages is permitted and would be conveyed to students.

8. Expenses towards ticket (Air/Rail/Road) and escort must be paid in advance to the school before a request for booking's is made to the school office.

9. Belongings must be kept under safe custody by every student and in case of any that is found missing, it must be brought to the immediate notice of the warden/matron.

10. Taking or using anybody else's things without his/her permission or knowledge would be viewed seriously and is liable to punishment.

11. Warm clothing would be essential since the nights could be colder here in Ooty

12. Colouring or bleaching or wearing the hair in a fashion that does not befit a student is forbidden.

13. Wearing of any jewellery is not encouraged. Girls may wear a small ear stud and none other and boys are not allowed to wear any. Expensive watches must be avoided.

14. Hair to be neatly plaited on two sides, (if long) or held back neatly with a hair band (if short) is a must for girls.

15. Clothes to be laundered should be put in the laundry bag and only on the specified days of the week would they be taken to be laundered.

16. Returning after any vacation, a student should be found with a proper hair cut and well fitting clothes.

17. Clothes and all other accessories must be brought along with a list attached by parents for the warden/matron to keep track of.

18. Boys and girls should not go near nor enter the dormitories of the others.

19. No student will enter any other dormitory without due permission.

20. In case of any health issues, parents need to inform the dorm parents and even room mates so as to give due aid incase of an emergency.

21. Ragging the juniors or teasing any one would lead to very severe action.

22. Use of foul language or abusing and accusing others would not be viewed lightly.

23. Food brought from home or outside should not be brought to the dorm.

24. Cell phones, wrist watches, walkmans, cameras, MP3/MP4's, Money, Credit cards, ATM cards, jewelry or any other expensive items are strictly forbidden.

25. Chewing gum, using paan or any other product in the name of mouth fresheners (if found condemnable) would be prone to severe punishment.


Outings local trips/picnics/visits to places of importance; out of station trips/excursions - are all a must since they would be study oriented visits/trips. In case of any not willing or unable to make these visits must have relevant reasons and due permission.

Slow learners or those who have school work to be completed may not be permitted to go on these trips since catching up on the class/ homework may have to be done through extra classes or tuitions.

The warden/matron would fix, monitor and supervise TV viewing for the hostlers based on the class and age group. The channels tuned would be healthy, student friendly and learning oriented ones.