Fees Payment Policies


Enrollment is subject to payment of all applicable fees by the dates specified. For students enrolled after official payment dates, all fees are due immediately upon receipt of invoice. Regardless of any arrangements between parent and employer concerning payment of school fees, the parent is always responsible for the child's school fees.

Note : Payment once made will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Fee Collection

All fees are payable in INR Only. Payments made in other acceptable currency (US dollars, UK pounds or Euro) will be converted to INR at rates prevailing on the day of deposit of fees. Shortfall due to currency variation will be recovered from student.

Late Fee Payment

Those students whose fee remains unpaid in full or in part, will not be:

Allowed to sit for public examination.

Provided with internal examination results or reports

Provided with Transfer Certificate

Given access to Online Student Data

Recommended to future Schools/Colleges

If fees remain unpaid after 2 fortnightly reminders, no further expenses will be charged to the student's account until the outstanding balance is cleared. If fee is not paid after 4 fortnightly reminders, the student will not be permitted to remain at the school. The security deposit will be forfeited and the school shall resort to legal recourse for the recovery of the outstanding balance.