Edexcel at its excellence

 Today, parents have a plethora of educational boards from which to choose and enroll their children. Now there is a growing awareness among educated parents regarding the significance of an international curriculum like that of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

  For any Grade Edexcel is a recognised board. It helps students:

 To learn concepts and apply them appropriately.

 To ensure the sustained development of higher order thinking skills.

 To become more acquainted with real-time issues.

 To get the benefit of inter-disciplinary teaching and learning.

 To gain acceptance into institutions of higher learning all over the world.

 To be globally accepted as the methods are totally application-oriented.

Added to its merits :
A top grade in English in the IGCSE, exempts a student from appearing for IELTS/TOEFL. However, this depends also on the eligibility criteria of different universities to which the student might be applying for higher studies. For instance, if the student is applying for a UG course in a university in England, the university might require an IELTS score in addition to an A level in English. This is more the exception than the rule. Most universities do not demand an IELTS score if the student has completed the A level in English.

 Though all students admissions are subject to the quota issue, it is true that students of this board are able to secure admission because most UG colleges and other such institutes recognise the value of Edexcel qualifications.