Chairman's Profile

Nizams British International School has the grandest pride to pen a few lines about the Founder & Chairman Dr.M.A. Mohamed Nizam. Having majored in Business Administration and Labour Law, Secretary and Correspondent of M.A.M. College Of Engineering at Trichy, has now ventured into an exciting domain of education and that being an International School at Ooty, which he deems to be his very special pet project and which is nearer to his heart like a new born

Our Chairman being a personality of huge dreams and vision, visualizes many a million to find their roots of education here and the steady growth of every student to stand out, apart from all others with their healthy trunk of a physique; the branches of fields of intelligence in which they would stretch out; the budding and thereon the steady blooming of flowers; the feel and fragrance of knowledge; the fruits of education evident when its time for them to step out of their teens and school, and thereon ready to run the race the adult world and its challenges.

The M.A.M. Group of Institutions, under his worthy command, has chiseled an identity of its own, and has grown to a total of ten Institutions, spanning from School Education to the Polytechnic and Collegiate Education, offering several professional programmes in the many domains such as Engineering, Architecture, Nursing, Business Management and Teaching Professions. As is his nature, it is expected that Dr. Nizam would sooner resolve to establish a Health Ci